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January is Pussy Wellness Month


Did you know January is Pussy Wellness Month?

Well, probably not because I made it up but it is totally a thing now so pay attention. Pussy Wellness is super important even if you don't have a pussy because I bet you love someone who does!

1. Come to The Yogasm Experience and learn some pussy rituals and womb massage techniques. 

2. Eat More Plants. Everyday.

3. Give your pussy sunshine, salt water and orgasms. You can do this one in any order!

4. Vaginal Steaming...come see me at @ellavictorias and let me steam that puss. I can also give you a bomb womb or foot massage! 

5. Stop drinking animal milk. Just stop. There are so many delicious plant based options. My current favorite is cashew milk because it is so creamy!

6. Stop sharing yourself with fuckboys or fuckgirls. Your pussyjuice is too valuable. Like for real. Stop doing this shit because these folks come with physical and spiritual sexually transmitted diseases. Your pussy (or penis) deserves better.

7. Drink real water. Coconut water and pineapple juice is cool but your pussy just needs regular, degular water. Also please do not douche with pineapple juice. I heard that was a thing. It should not be. Stop it.

8. Cannabis because it makes everything better.

I will be posting more gems this month so stay tuned!

May all your orgasms come true,