what is elevated yoga?

Elevated Yoga is an unconventional opportunity for participants to experience the healing benefits of having an intentional and consistent cannabis wellness practice. Elevated Yoga meets you where you are and encourages you to explore your ability to heal yourself from the inside out. Elevated Yoga unapologetically celebrates the healing benefits of cannabis, yoga. positive affirmations, music, and community.

The HIO Retreat offered two Elevated Yoga Sessions focusing on the power of releasing old negative energies, traumas, and experiences that are no longer ours to carry. Each class led by Ashley Asatu started with a cannabis sharing ritual, followed by a womb centered meditation, ending with a gentle restorative yoga practice. 

2017-04-29 10.17.23.jpg

-Team HIO wants to thank all the beautiful women (and men) who attended our cannabis wellness retreat this year. Healing Inside Out will continue to be an educational and healing experience for communities of color. Stay tuned for more pictures!