Healing Inside Out is a woman-operated Wellness Collective with home bases in NorCal and SoCal. Healing Inside Out was created because I wanted to create Intimate Wellness Experiences centered around Self-Care, Intentional Cannabis Consumption, Yoga, Art and Plant Based Nutrition.  I partnered with Stokes Kennedy, a lifestyle brand based out of SoCal and together we created The HIO Retreat.

As women of color, we wanted to provide spaces for other women and minorities to come and learn about Intentional Cannabis Consumption and other wellness practices. Every April, we host our annual HIO Retreat at a secret retreat center in Northern California. And this year HIO was magical as fuck! Our offerings included two Elevated Yoga Classes, two Puff & Paint Classes, The Yogasm Experience, Cannabis Bodywork & Acupressure Therapy, Breast Wellness Workshop, Henna Body Art, an on-site Chef, a Bud Bar, a Dab Bar and a Hot Tub.

Let me be completely honest for a minute, this weekend was fucking magical! Just look at all that GLORY, BEAUTY and STRENGTH captured as these women proudly arch their backs, lifting their breasts to the SUN! It was so liberating and beautiful to watch the women of HIO fully embrace their bodies and each other while being supported by the MEN who were present.

Yes, we allow men to come to HIO because it is important to include masculine energy in female-centered healing spaces when appropriate. Our male counterparts need healing, support, and empathy just as much as we do. While our retreat is not a FEMALE ONLY retreat it is FEMALE CENTERED meaning that the men who are permitted to attend HIO are here to support, respect, and protect the energy being created in our space. 

We had such an amazing time creating this space and sharing it with such beautiful, positive, consistent, loving and nurturing energies.  We are so inspired to create bigger, better and braver spaces for all of you who attended and are so honored that you've trusted us for a second year to bring this experience to life with you!  Your loyalty means the world, and we look forward to showing you how much!

#HIOCommunity: We will be posting more pictures soon!