"Ashley exceeded the rave reviews i'd heard; she made mt first pussy PAMPERING experience amazing, consider me converted to the yogasm experience! from the THOUGHTFULLY planned appetizers which were so good i just had to lick my fingers, to the amazing massages and education from getting to pick my own unique blend of herbs for my yoni steam, ashley knows how to create an experience that 's instantly comforting, educational, sensual, empowering, fun and healing...all at once! Go book your private pussy pamper party with ashley now, your pussy (and all your friends!) will thank you later!"


"I met ashley at her atlanta yogasm werkshop and she DEFINITELY changed the way i show up to receive pleasure. She taught my husband how to give me a womb massage and breast massage (I cant BELIEVE i did not know how to locate my ovaries or lymph nodes before)!!  Her simple orgasmic rituals have greatly increased the intimacy and pleasure between my husband and I.  my husband and I have been telling all our friends about her class and I cant wait for her to come back to atlanta. Ashley is an experience all by herself! Dont miss out ladies! Invest in your self and your orgasm!"  

Tania M.

"After each private session with Ashley I've built a new awareness of my body and it's capabilities.  She's considerate in the pace and also considers the clients needs, goals and the particular focus of that PRACTICE for that day.  She meets you at whatever level of fitness you're at and you gRow from there."


"Yoga is not only a great exercise experience but also an aide on my path to spiritual balance and happiness.  The motions have helped me learn to control my breathing which has also helped me to gain control of the rest of my body.  Ashley has taught me to breathe more efficiently and as I practice this, I am able to clear my mind and focus and meditate or pray.  It's been a few weeks now, I'm beginning to see and feel myself strengthening spiritually, mentally and physically. It also helps knowing that I am able to text or call Ashley at any time to get some help with posing or sequences.  I am so excited to see what's in store for me as I continue to grow.  Thank you, Ashley for helping guide me on my journey."


"I suffer from extreme anxiety and began to reach a point where it was taking over my life. I no longer wanted anxiety to dictate my day so I started researching different ways to control it. Yoga seemed to be the most common suggestion but my anxiety kept me from attending group yoga classes.  I was also afraid of re-triggering pain from prior injuries.  Ashley understood my anxiety and fears.  She made me feel comfortable kept my injuries in mind.  She even walked me through each motion and explained the benefits.  It has only been a few days but I can already feel a difference.  Ashley is so thorough with instruction that I am able to practice at home in-between our private sessions.  Thanks to her, I am closer to managing my anxiety and taking control of my life. "

tiffany b.

"ashley is an amazing yoga instructor who is patient, kind, nurturing and inspirational.  the passion that she has for the art makes you want to jump right in and give it your all with every intention of exploring yourself physically and mentally through the world of yoga.  ashley maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to her teaching which makes you feel very comfortable."

lesia b.