Get with the Program

Offering classes, workshops and safe spaces for women to meet and learn with other women about the powerful impact of nutrition, consistency and cannabis.  Private and Group Yoga, Meal Planning, Work Out Plans and Elevation Awareness are my focus in this game.  It's changed my life and I believe it will change yours.  

E-Books for the win

Great thanks and good luck to everyone who has already purchased their Ass & Ab Challenge or Tabatta Training EBook.  These are the things that got me together and helped it stick so I look forward to sharing it with everyone.  Stay consistent, set and reach your goals, own this shit. You have a choice to find your best self. 

Workshops & Retreats

2017 is about to be lit, if I'm being honest.  We are getting ready for the upcoming Cannabis Wellness Retreats (formerly known as the 420 Wellness Retreat)! With more vendors, more sponsors, more workshops, yoga and art, we are excited to create a space of wellness and growth with you soon! Also upcoming is our Women's Wellness Workshop! Keep and eye out.